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  • 100% ACRYLIC

Choose a room and make it ‘you’.

With Penta Flat Emulsion, it’s entirely possible to bring your personality to life with a full spectrum of new colour choices in all the latest decorating trends.

Think of all the possibilities you now have to paint to your personal colour ‘signature’ on any wall…in any interior.

Penta’s exclusive Flat Emulsion formulation takes interior paint to a higher level. With advanced paint technology… international quality standards…and endless colour choices. This world–class quality paint you can trust.

So go ahead. Grab a bucket of your favourite Flat Emulsion colour. And transform your world with Penta!

Download the Flat Emulsion Idea Book now and challenge your creativity to paint the possibilities!
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Penta Flat Emulsion is especially suited to areas prone to condensation. Ensure surfaces are cleaned and thoroughly dry before applying. Fill any surface defects with the appropriate filler. Remove all peeling, flaking or cracking paint from previously painted surfaces. When applying lighter colours over darker painted surfaces, it is best to apply a coat of primer.

Living Room/Family Room - - -
Dining Room -
Kitchen/Bathroom - -
Bedroom - - -
Kids Room/Playroom -
Hallway - - -
Doors/Windows/Mooudling - - -
Furniture/cabinetry - -
Ceilings - - -
Floor Skirting Board - -
Wood Siding - - -
Concrete Masonry/Stucco -
Wrought Iron - - -
Patio Walls -
Eaves/Bargeboards - - -


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